Putting Massage Clients at Ease

Massage therapy is supposed to make the client relax and overcome the stress of everyday life. If things are not done the right way, the massage therapy will not achieve the purpose for which it was scheduled in the first place. Below are some tips that will help in putting both the massage therapist and the client at ease during the massage:

  • Maintain a high level of sanitation and peace: During the massage, most of the clients will fall asleep and on waking up, there may be a pool of saliva on the massage table. To avoid making the situation awkward, you should provide the client with a tissue to wipe off the spillage and assure them that that is a normal occurrence.

After the massage, ensure that you change the linens and sanitize the massage table before the next client comes in for the massage.

  • Inform the client of the dos and the don’ts before the massage begins; to avoid having a tensed atmosphere during the massage especially for new clients, you should inform the client what the massage will entail. You should also encourage the client to speak up in case something does not feel right as the massage progresses.

Tell the client to speak up if the massage room gets too hot or cold, if they want a change of the music playing in the background, if they feel any pain, or if there is any issue they require clarification during the massage.

  • Maintain a high degree of personal hygiene during the massage: During the massage, ensure that your entire body is clean and no bad odor is proceeding from any part of your body including your mouth. If you ate food that contains garlic, you can chew a gum to keep your breath fresh throughout the massage.

You should also have a pedicure to ensure that your hands and feet are in great shape. This is because the client will be looking down and may be distracted by the unkempt feet.

  • If the client is having the massage for the first time, he may feel uncomfortable about some aspects of her body. As a massage therapist, you can suggest the forms of massage that can be carried out with clothes on and with time, the client will become more comfortable and get comfortable in removing her clothes to have a massage.
  • When the client is booking an appointment to have a massage, he should be asked if he has a preference for the gender of the massage therapist. If he prefers a female massage therapist, provisions should be made to ensure that there will be a female massage therapist to attend to her. If he has no preference, you can have any massage therapist who will be available to carry out the massage.
  • You should allow the client to undress up to the level he will be comfortable in during the massage.

The massage therapist should work towards making the client as comfortable and happy as possible. Make sure that you keep time when attending to a client so that they will not have to wait for too long. If you will be late, ensure that the client is aware of this and give a genuine reason. A customer who feels appreciated will definitely keep coming back to the spa every time he wants to have a massage.