How to Perfectly Wax a Client’s Eyebrows

Due to the proximity of the eyebrows to the eyes, many aestheticians will feel a little fear when working on a client. The tools that will be used in the application can cause damage to the eyes if handled in the wrong way or some of the wax may get into the client’s eyes if the process is handled unprofessionally. There is also the likelihood of failing to get the shape that the client desired which would be very unprofessional on the part of the aesthetician and may even make the client opt to look for another spa in future.

Below is a simple guide on how you will be able to have an excellent outcome when waxing a client’s eyebrows:

  • Get all the materials that you will be needing for the waxing hair removal within reach; this may include wax, makeup brush, tweezers, brow comb, scissors, strips, among others as backed by Ensure that any metallic toll has been sanitized before being used on the client to eliminate the risk of having the client get an infection.
  • Rinse off the client’s face using warm water and then apply a numbing cream to make the process less painful. You should work on one eyebrow at a time to enable you to focus more and avoid the risk of having the wax get into the client’s eyes.
  • Mark the part of the eyebrows that will be waxed to ensure that you will not remove the eyebrows that the client did not want to be removed. A loose powder can be used to mark the boundary according to the wishes of the client. A makeup pencil can also be used to do the marking.
  • Put the wax in the wax heater for ease of application; you should ensure that the wax does not get too hot to avoid burning the client. You can stir the wax so that the warming will be consistent from the bottom of the can to the top.
  • Pick a wax applicator and dip it in the wax pot and glide it on the brows that have been marked for removal. The application should be done in the direction of the hair growth. Place the strip on the part that has the wax and press it to ensure that it is holding firmly on the brows that will be removed and then pull it off in the direction of the hair growth.

After removing the strip, you should press the area using fingers to reduce the irritation or stinging. Repeat the process on the other eye and ensure that you create uniformity in the waxing hair removal.

Once you have removed the eyebrows on both eyes, you will apply a moisturizer to reduce the irritation or any reddening on the skin and allow it to last for a short duration, then wipe it off.

Shape the eyebrows using a brow pencil to make them look symmetrical. Eyebrows that have been removed through the waxing hair removal process will take a longer time to grow back compared to shaving. The time and resources that could have been used in regular shaving will be used for other purposes.