As a professional aesthetician, being prepared before a client walks into your spa for a back waxing procedure is important. If a client walks into your spa and finds the working area dirty as a result of the previous appointment that you had before he came in, he can end up canceling the appointment for fear of getting an infecti0on from the surface and the dirty tools as well.[

You should always ensure that you give an allowance between appointments that will allow you to clean up and get the waxing room ready before allowing the next client to get into the room for the treatment. A client who arrives late for his appointment should be treated within the time that had been agreed so that the client who is coming in for his appointment after him will not be inconvenienced. Allowing this to happen will make your clients term you as unprofessional and may not book their next back wax appointment with you.

Below are some of the tips that will help you to get ready for a back wax treatment:

  • Get the room ready: Before the client comes in, ensure that you have tidied up the working area and all the tools that will be used for the waxing. You should also ensure that all the materials that will be required in the process of the waxing are within reach so that you do not have to make unnecessary movements when the process is ongoing.
  • Once the client comes in, you should discuss with him about the process and the areas that will be covered during the back waxing. Most of the times, the waxing will cover the lower part of the neck, the shoulders, and a part of the arms that will reach the elbows. If there is an issue that is not clear in your explanation, it is important to allow the client to ask questions so that you will come to an agreement before the process begins.
  • Clean the back region: Once the client is contented and has settled down on the table on which the waxing will be carried out, clean his back so that you can get rid of all dirt and excess oil. If the client has a lot of hair, you can apply baby powder to help in absorbing the moisture that could be trapped in the hair.
  • Apply the back wax: This should be done according to the directions of the hair growth. Some people will start applying the wax at the center of the back region while others will start on the edges. What is important is following the directions of the hair growth so that the wax can successfully get rid of unwanted hair on the back.

The back region is an extensive part of the body and patience should be observed when waxing. Choosing the right wax for the removal is also important so that you will be guaranteed of a positive outcome. Soft wax is the most preferred choice of wax for the back region as it is easier to work with and you will finish the process much faster.